Road Warrior

road warrior wireframe

Developed "Road Warrior", a social web application for RV enthusiasts to share their journey. Technologies include Python, Django, JavaScript, React, SQLite, Bootstrap, and Google Maps API.

Pilates Planner

pilates planner wireframe

Developed "Pilates Planner", a web application for Pilates instructors to organize their lesson plans. Technologies include JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Materialize, and Heroku.

Share The Saga

share the saga wireframe

Developed "Share The Saga", a full stack web application for creating and organizing eBooks. Technologies include jQuery, MongoDB, Express, Handlebars, Node, Bootstrap, and Heroku.

Yosemite Sam Hangman

yosemite sam hangman wireframe

Developed "Yosemite Sam Hangman", my first project, a simple game of hangman! Technologies used include jQuery, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, and Github Pages.